Cleaning Tips

Cleaning has never been an easy task but some of the cleaning tips are so useful that it can really make your day-to-day cleaning an easier job. Try out some of our smart cleaning tips below to make cleaning fun–

How to get rid of stinky garbage smell?

Cut a lemon and sprinkle it randomly through your garbage disposal. This will bring a fresh fragrance to your kitchen.

Quick way to clean a blender-

Fill up your blender with warm water and add few drops of dish soap to it. Turn on your blender and give it a pulse. That's it, your blender will be clean. Later on rinse the blender with warm water.

How to clean the sponge?

Microwave your sponge for 30 seconds. This will kill the bacteria present in the sponge. Later on soak the sponge in soap solution for few seconds this will make the sponge super clean.

How to get rid of hard water spots?

Vinegar is a best way to remove hard water spots. Sprinkle vinegar on the area you need to clean. Leave it for a while and then rinse off with a plain water.