4 Basic Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have


4 Basic Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

Offer Maids House cleaning Services Qatar about 4 basic cleaning tools every home should have.

Hygiene is the key aspect of a healthy life. Regular cleaning is important for a tidy and clutter-free home. A little cleaning every day eliminates unwanted junk. It also prevents the spread of germs and allergens. Basic cleaning tools are essential in assisting you with day to day cleaning and maintenance. 

Cleaning tools come in broad categories. Having said that, even with basic tools, you will be able to keep your home as pristine as you want. The advancement of technology has developed advanced cleaning tools and most Qatar House Cleaning Services use them for effective cleaning. Even so, basic cleaning tools can get you to finish cleaning chores to a certain extent.

Read on to know more about the tools and add them to your essential cleaning tool list.

house cleaning and mopping

1. Broom & Dustpan

Dust can be a problem on hard surfaces. With a broom, you can instantly clear any dust or debris off the tile, concrete or even wooden surface. The bristles of the broom are flexible so that you can easily keep surfaces dust-free without taking a lot of effort. Brooms are available in multiple variants and are economical. Dustpans make sweeping an effortless errand and they are highly durable. Dustpans are a greater alternative to a vacuum cleaner, you can pick items that cannot be picked up with it. For example, spilled food items, and broken utensils.

Broom & Dustpan

2. Mop & Bucket

Dust particles, pet droppings, and allergens get easily accumulated on the floor if they are not cleaned regularly. Mopping eliminates such particles from the floors. Mopping is an ideal way to sanitize the floors and to keep them shining. You can use mops and buckets separately, single mop buckets, double mop buckets, or even automatic floor scrubbers to get the job done. Being a leading provider of Qatar House Cleaning Services, we suggest having a mop and bucket in your basic cleaning tools.

mop and bucket

3. Good Sponge, Dish Towels & Microfiber Cloths

A sponge is an amazing, compact cleaning tool made of absorbent material. They can be used to clean impermeable surfaces. Sponges work great when it comes to wiping cabinets and furniture. Here is a small tip from Offer Maids House cleaning Services Qatar – Give a wipe to the leaves of your houseplants with a clean, damp sponge to clear off the dust. Cleaning towels and microfibre can enhance your cleaning process. Qatar House Cleaning Services recommend regularly cleaning sponges and towels to keep them germ-free.

4. Squeegee, Spray Bottle, Scrubber

Spray bottles and squeegees are simpler and easy to use and help to remove streaks. You can mix your favorite DIY cleaning components in a spray bottle and use it directly onto surfaces and clear it with a squeegee. Our maids at Offer Maids House cleaning Services Qatar love scrubbers when it comes to cleaning because they can easily reach any surface on floors and eliminate stubborn stains.

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