How to clean water stains from your carpet as explained by the best home cleaners in Qatar

How to clean water stains from your carpet as explained by the best home cleaners in Qatar

A carpet is one of those pieces of furniture that you rarely pay attention to, except while you’re cleaning out the room. It gets all kinds of messy, day-in, day-out over time as you walk all over it. Carpet stains are almost always a result of spilling wine or food. And there is usually nothing much that can be done except employ the services of competent hourly maids in Qatar.

However, we often overlook the fact that water itself – the wonderful solution for cleaning many other stains – can greatly damage the carpet as well. But it can, and the fact that we don’t pay much attention to it means that we would assume it is mold or some other stain and hire a house cleaning company in Qatar. Water is rightly called the universal solvent: it can dissolve a wide variety of substances, most of which barely cause any change in its color. It is this sediment residue present in the water that causes discolorations on the carpet. Before tackling the problem of a carpet stain, ensure that it is not a result of any plumbing issue, which requires professional plumbers and home cleaners in Qatar. Moving forward, we will help you take care of this mess all by yourself in this handy guide to water stains.

Before you try any of the solutions mentioned here, check your carpet – whether it is made of synthetic material or natural fibers. The former is less absorbent than the other and could be cleaned on your own. Natural fibers also run the risk of browning due to the chemical reaction with water. This requires professional help and calls for good home cleaners in Qatar.

Fresh Water-Stain

You’re setting up the dinner table, and you knock the water jug right on the carpet. Your first instinct is to soak up the puddle before it leaks into the floor. Before you go ballistic and start scrubbing the carpet and spread the damage, remember these handy tips from the best home cleaners in Qatar. 

The first step is to remove any sediment in the water to prevent further staining. Use dry paper towels on the edge of the spill and move inwards, soaking up as much water on each dab. Avoid rubbing back and forth on the surface of the carpet. This would extend the stain deeper and wider into the clean areas, requiring specialized cleaning service by professionals. When the water has been removed from the carpet, fold a couple of dry paper towels and place them on the moist area, with a heavy object, like a book over them. This is to help soak up the moisture that has permeated into the carpet. Leave it overnight or about 12 hours. 

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Next, remove the towels and use a blow-dryer or a steam iron to dry any remaining dampness in the carpet. Remember not to touch the surface of the carpet if you are using steam-iron to dry out the stain, as this could potentially burn the carpet material. Vacuum the stained area to remove stray sediments. Use a soft hairbrush on the carpet to patch up the fluffy surface to its former condition.

Dry Water-Stain

Sometimes you might spill some water accidentally on the living room carpet and forget all about the little spill until you find the carpet slightly blemished at a later date. No, you don’t have to call home cleaners in Qatar before the guests arrive. Let’s get working.

The first thing before trying any cleaning technique on the stain is to test the cleaning agent on an edge in order to prevent further discoloring. You wouldn’t want to look for professional maids services in Qatar just because you used a wrong solution on your carpet.

Mix distilled white vinegar and warm water in equal parts in a container. Soak a paper towel in this solution and gently dab the stain with it. Alternately, you could also use a handheld-sprayer to disperse the solution more evenly. When dabbing the stain, stick to the edges first. Let the carpet soak up the solution, making sure that you do not saturate the carpet with it. The objective is to remove the stain, not to dampen the material any further. Again, do not aggressively rub the surface of the carpet to prevent damage to the fibers. The higher pH value of the vinegar solution eliminates the stain on the carpet, restoring its natural appearance.

After dabbing the stain with the solution, allow the whole area to completely dry before repeating the process, depending on the size and extent of the stain. Continue drying and treating the carpet until the stain disappears. Vacuum the stained area to remove stray sediments. Use a soft hairbrush on the carpet to patch up the fluffy surface to its former condition.

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The next time you find yourself baffled by a tough water stain on your carpet, worry not, for you now possess the specialized knowledge to tackle the problem on your own without having to go through the intricate process of arranging for Home Cleaners in Qatar.

Rescue your Carpet from Tough Stains

There are stains that you can clean and stains that you can’t. Finding an all-round house cleaning company among the many Home Cleaners in Qatar is the best option to plan ahead for any eventuality of stained carpets. Be assured that the hardest part of the process is only finding a company suited to your carpet’s specific needs. 

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