Have 20 minutes to spare? Then you have time to clean and organize your kitchen. You can maintain the tidy kitchen you’ve always wanted in this short amount of time. Sure, 20 minutes isn’t enough for a deep clean, but regular light cleanings let you get away with deep cleaning less often.

Fast Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Here’s how to clean the kitchen in 20 minutes.

Tidy Up

  • Pick up everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen and place it in a large basket. When you’re finished in the kitchen, return these items to the place they belong.
  • Pull the trashcan over and throw all the garbage sitting on the counter and chairs.

Clean the Kitchen

  • Fill the sink with soapy water and any dirty dishes you plan to clean by yourselves. The plates and basins that don’t need hand-washing can go straight into the dishwasher.
  • While the dishes soak, spray the counters with an all-purpose cleaner, and wipe them down with a clean dishcloth. Wipe the countertop as well.
  • Hand wash the dishes that need extra cleaning and give them a good scrub. Rinse with clean water and let them dry on a drying rack.
  • In the end, sweep or vacuum the floors to pick up any scrap.
  • Once a week, perform mopping at the end of your kitchen cleaning session.
  • Once a month, wipe down the front of each kitchen appliance and all cupboard doors.

Deep Cleaning Tips

With your daily 20-minute kitchen cleaning session, you only need to deep-clean twice a year. Make sure you include the following tips from Offer maids on your checklist to get the best result:

  • Clean the appliances: Consider cleaning all the home appliances including the dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator. The best way to clean a dishwasher is to run an empty cycle with a cup of vinegar on the top. If your oven comes with a self-cleaning feature, use that. Or else, scrub with a regular oven cleaner. Before you clean the fridge, empty all the food items. Clean the shelves and drawers with an all-purpose cleaner. Throw away things you don’t want anymore rather than putting them back in the refrigerator.
  • Clean the countertops and sink: Sprinkle baking soda on a cotton cloth and wipe down the surfaces. Also, make sure you spend extra time on any stained areas, using small circular motions to remove dirt. Sprinkle baking soda in your kitchen sink. This would help to remove odors, stains, and dirt without any chemicals. Consider getting help from our kitchen cleaning services in Qatar to clean countertops and sinks for you.
  • Clean small appliances: Dismantle and properly clean your coffee maker, toaster, kettle, and other small appliances that are regularly used. You may want to do this more than twice a year, depending on how often you use them.
  • Clean the cabinets: Empty your cupboards and wipe down the entire surfaces. Work on any dirty spots you find. Consider lining your cabinets with a shelf guard to avoid damage to the wood. You can also consider getting help from our kitchen cleaning services in Qatar to perform wiping down the doors and hardware.

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Get Cleaning Help from Offer Maid

While most people have 20 minutes to spare at the end of their day, you might be so pressed for time that kitchen cleaning goes on the back burner. If having time to deep-clean your kitchen is even more out of the question, you might benefit from the kitchen cleaning services in Qatar from offer Maid. We’ll free up your time to enjoy more of the activities you love without feeling guilty about avoiding your task.

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