Cleaning Service to improve relations with your roommates

Cleaning Service to improve relations with your Roommates

Let’s face it: most of us have had to share an apartment with someone. Looking back, it was probably not a good time, having to share space with roommates who led entirely different lifestyles from your own. There are a lot of compatibility issues when living in close quarters with total strangers, but the most irking one can be that little matter of general upkeep around the house. 

If you are a neat freak, it would be a nightmare living with folks who constantly leave their mess lying around the house. There would be dirty dishes and cups in the sink in the morning, foodstuff abandoned in the dining area or just piles of clothes sitting on every piece of furniture. Cleaning every day is a problem when you have busy schedules and more often than not, don’t stay home even on the weekends.

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Whether you clean your home with your roommates or hire house cleaning in Qatar to take the mess off your hands, a clean home can greatly benefit your relationship with your roommates in the long run. Here are some of the tips from leading maids services in Qatar on how to maintain a clean home with your roommates.

What’s in it for you?

Well, no one wants to clean just because they like cleaning. It’s a messy job taking care of the mess. There are a few benefits to keeping your home clean even if you and your roommates don’t find it worthwhile to take time off your weekend to clean up the kitchen or scrub the floors. Maybe you would need more space in your home for your belongings, or maybe to throw a party for all your friends. Now as much as you wish otherwise, you can’t put up all your stuff in a cluttered house and get away with not bumping into anything on the way out. Nor can you expect your friends to have a good time when surrounded by dirty plates and cloth-filled furniture when you open the door. It is way better to have a clean home than just relocating to a new one every time the mess gets too much for you.


When you and your roommates don’t actually know each other’s preferences and habits, it can be a great idea to have it all out in the open once in a while. Even if everyone has a different schedule, there would be some time that everyone is in a room together, most probably during the weekend. That is unless everyone decides to take a break. Outline your expectations of the shared spaces with your roommates, listen to their opinions as well. They probably have very different expectations of maintaining a shared home, so don’t expect them to adopt your lifestyle right away. Compromise is key here. Give it some time while each of you gets their mess organized.

Also, when confronted with any mess left by your roommates, remember to remind them that this behavior is not acceptable. If you decide to ignore it and move on with the daily grind, your roommates wouldn’t know that what they did had bothered you. Talk about the problem as and when you see it and directly to your roommates. When they realize that the mess is indeed a serious problem, they might be more inclined to clean up after themselves. 

Dividing tasks:

This might be obvious to anyone who has lived in a shared house, but dividing tasks can be quite a challenge when your roommates are not too happy to clean after themselves. Many amicable relationships can come undone when faced with shared responsibility for housekeeping. Coming home after a long day of work to a clean home is an extraordinary expectation, and finding some of that mess taken care of can seem like a godsend.

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You’ll need to set aside specific tasks that each person is comfortable with. Not everyone can handle cleaning the grease in the kitchen area every day, nor is anyone too keen on scrubbing the bathroom floors while their roommates enjoy a night out with friends. Make a timetable for the cleaning chores that need doing around the house. Make sure that the list involves proper incentives as well for successful completion of each task or a set of tasks, like a pizza day for kitchen cleaning or Halo night for clearing out the living room. By the end, you will have cleaned your home without taking help from maids services in Qatar. 

Cleaning service for all your woes:

It is that glorious day of reckoning for your home and all the mess in it. When the state of disorganization in the house gets too much for the daily cleaning routines, you call in the cavalry for the final showdown over a fine weekend. A professional maid agency in Qatar can resolve the mess in your home in a matter of a few hours, turning your home into a fresh new abode. 

Your laundry and kitchen mess is too much to be handled alone. Maintaining a shared home with others who are similarly indisposed to take care of their surroundings adds to the mess. When you hire professional house cleaning in Qatar, you are freed from performing these tasks and get a chance to relax at home without worrying about the general upkeep. 

Professional cleaning for your home:

When your roommates and you are busy shuttling between home and office, you wouldn’t have the time to get your home organized. You may not have the time to find good maids services in Qatar to clean your home, either. If you are confused about finding the best house cleaning in Qatar among the dozens of maid services, look no further.

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