Easy office cleaning hacks from Offermaids Qatar


The office is a space where productivity should increase. and it should be kept clean for maintaining a healthy environment for all the employees and for productivity.

Through this blog, we will give you simple tips and hacks. How to clean your office in Qatar, and believe us when we say we’ll give you some pointers; these tips are based on our experience, which is extensive.

So sit back and relax; we’ll give you all the helpful hints and information you need to keep your office clean. You just need to book the office cleaning service in Qatar from OfferMaids.

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Simple office cleaning tips that everyone should follow in Qatar

These simple tips by us will be a game changer for your office.

  • Vacuuming and sweeping the office

The first step in the entire cleaning process is sweeping the entire office floor, every corner included, with a broom to remove the dust. After that, you have to vacuum the floor, sofa, and curtains to remove the dirt that you missed while sweeping the floor.

After that, clean the shelves, arrange the files and documents in a proper way, and make sure that adequate sunlight or artificial light comes into all the rooms.

  • Clean the office chairs with hydrogen peroxide 

You should never throw your office chair but should resort to cleaning it on a regular basis, but how? We will tell you.

Chairs in the office may accumulate dust, dirt, and food stains.

To clean it, make a detergent solution and add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Wipe all the chairs and tables with them over the weekend to see how they change. Trust us when we say that your first day of work on Monday will be a fresh start. 

  • Power of chair mats, doormats and fake plants

The doormats have a very powerful role, as they will collect all the dust from the shoes of the working employees before they enter the building. They should be cleaned twice a week.

The continuous usage of chairs can cause wear and tear to the hardwood flooring or tiles, so it is better to keep all the chairs on a chair mattress.

To create a natural green environment, it is best to add fake plants.

  • Appoint a kitchen supervisor to manage your kitchen 

It is better to appoint a supervisor if you have a kitchen in your office because all the kitchens should be taken extra care of to ensure a healthy environment for all the staff because they eat the food from there only.

All the waste should be disposed of properly.

Try to implement power cleaning in your company. It will be very beneficial for your company.

  • Toilet cleaning is a mandatory thing 

Toilet and washroom cleaning is a very important thing, and it should be done twice a day because all the staff use it and it is a breeding ground for germs if not cleaned properly.

Toilets should be cleaned with environmentally friendly lotions, and toilet fresheners should be placed in them.

  • Use sealed mugs

Try using sealed mugs so that you may not spill the coffee on computers or desks.

Why are we the best  In this business,

We are the best in this business because of our ten-plus years of experience, and all these are tried-and-tested methods that have worked for us.

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