How to prepare for the COVID-19 second wave?

How to prepare for the COVID-19 second wave?

Read on to know a few tips from Offer Maids cleaning services in Qatar to help you stay safe in this pandemic.

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As we can see many countries including Qatar reels through the second wave of COVID-19, countries are tightening their restrictions as cases are rising. 

The best way to stay safe from coronavirus is to follow the healthy practices recommended by the CDC. Avoiding chances of being vulnerable to coronavirus is the only way out from COVID-19. 

Get COVID-19 Vaccine

As vaccines are effective in preparing your body and the immune system to defend against germs and to stay safe, COVID-19 vaccination is a great way to protect your body from coronavirus. Moreover, they are helpful in preparing your body against coronavirus in a safe and worthwhile way.

Always Wear a Mask

Even though you are completely vaccinated, WHO recommends continuing wearing masks. Wearing masks reduces the risk of being exposed to coronavirus in the form of micro droplets.  

When using a mask make sure you are wearing it the right way. It should cover your nose and mouth. When putting and taking the mask off your face, experts recommend touching only on the ear loops and not the mask.

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Maintain a Social Distance

Since coronavirus can easily spread from people even before they know they realize they are sick, CDC recommends maintaining at least 6 feet distance from people that are not from your households. The best way to stay away from the virus is by reducing close face-to-face contact.

Avoid Poorly Ventilated Spaces

The risk of getting vulnerable to coronavirus is comparatively less for places with ample airflow. Restaurants, shopping centers, or places that are crowded are more prone to getting affected by Coronavirus. It is better to avoid poorly ventilated places as a part of precaution against COVID-19.

Wash your hands with soap and water

Keeping hands clean is of course an all-important step to prevent coronavirus from entering your body.  Before you touch your face, wash your hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer. 

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