Why a weekly Cleaning Service is totally worth the money

Why a Weekly Cleaning Service is totally worth the money

We all had to go through the routine of trying to find the room keys right before leaving for work. And they usually turn up at the most unusual places – most of us can attest to finding the room keys in the laundry at some point in our lives. A well-organized home smoothens out your daily schedule, gives a better aesthetic to your home and makes it more healthy to live in. Here are some of the reasons why maids services in Qatar recommend weekly cleaning for your home.

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Better time management

We know how tough it can be coming back from work to a messy home, and having to vacuum the floors and wipe the counter tops before calling it a night. So you decide to put off the cleaning until the end of the week, content to get an hour of sleep in return for a slightly unkempt home. And this mess gets even worse over the week that by the weekend, you will have much more cleaning per square inch of your home than what you had originally planned.

But hey, you’ve got only one weekend every week to put your feet up and have some personal time with your friends and family. Why waste that time lugging around the mop and bucket around when you can hire a maid agency in Qatar to handle it?

Improved hygiene

People with allergies know how important it is to have a dust-free home. The outdoors can’t be controlled, but the inside of your home can be cleaned as you want, making it a safe haven where you can relax. Bacteria and contaminants can spread from room to room, carrying preventable diseases if your home is not cleaned often. Apart from daily cleaning routines, you will need to thoroughly clean the common areas in your home to remove all contaminants.

Window cleaning

A simple window cleaning routine can be very beneficial for improving the air quality in your home. Dust and dirt on your windows can block out the amount of sunlight coming into your home as well, making your home appear less roomy. Hire maids services in Qatar for regular window cleaning to take care of this issue.

Air conditioning

The main cause for concern in any home is the air-conditioning system. This is ironically the one place that gets looked over in any cleaning routine. Clean the air conditioning vents every week to improve the air quality in your home.

There is also a possibility of mold buildup in damp areas in your home if left unsupervised. Dealing with mold can be hazardous without proper safety equipment or the right training. Hire professional house cleaning in Qatar to take care of any mold growth in your home.

Less clutter, more organized

It is less stressful to live in a clean home – for many reasons. All your stuff will be organized and in their place whenever you need them; no more dirty dishes piled up in the sink; parties at your home are more appealing to friends, and many more.


No one likes doing laundry, especially not after a hectic workday, even if it means just popping some clothes in the laundry machine. Weekly laundry cleaning can take care of all your dirty clothes while you focus on other work. Have your laundry delivered to professional laundromats during the weekend – this way, you won’t have to worry about damaging the fabric while cleaning, nor will you have to bother with washing and drying and ironing.


This is one part of your house that needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain a healthy living atmosphere. And most people dread cleaning this place because, well, it can be messy and exhausting, to say the least. Bathroom tiles and the toilet surface apart, the most obvious sign of a messy bathroom is the mirror. The toothpaste marks and the water stains on bathroom mirrors are easily overlooked – you can generally just wipe them down before taking a bath. Weekly cleaning by maids services in Qatar would involve scrubbing and cleaning the bathroom floor and walls as well as the fittings to sanitize them.


This is where all your food is stored and made, so it would ideally be the one place that needs to be cleaned regularly. A daily cleaning routine can simply consist of wiping down the counter tops after putting the dishes in the dishwasher at night. But weekly cleaning would involve cleaning the dishwasher itself, the garbage disposal and all the kitchen appliances to keep them working longer.

Pest control

You are not the only folks who like the comfort of your home’s four walls. Pests take the best efforts to raid your home for foodstuff and maybe settle in and make themselves home in a damp, dark corner. If you have pets, pests would be an inevitable problem that can only be combated by regular cleaning – both for your pets and your home. When pests make their way into your home, you would have an infestation on your hands, threatening the all-round hygiene of your family.

Check for cracks and crevices in walls using a simple method. Light a candle and hold it near the wall. If the flame flickers, there is a draft coming in from outside and the crack is really small, use caulking to seal. If there is a large gap, hire house cleaning in Qatar to take care of the problem professionally.

Hire the best maids services in Qatar

Maintaining a clean, beautiful home is essential for a positive lifestyle. It’s quite difficult to zip around your home on the weekend getting every corner clean. You can always hire a maid agency in Qatar to help you out while you enjoy your day off. Hiring the best cleaning maids can be a confusing task in itself, considering the dozens of maids services in Qatar advertising themselves as the best.

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