Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips from the top cleaning company- Offermaids Qatar

Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips from the top cleaning company in Qatar

In order to make everyone in the home healthy first, we should keep our kitchen clean and safe. A clean and tidy kitchen is a sign of a healthy home and family. If we make our house clean then we can protect our family from dust, allergens, etc., and thus it will prevent the entry of mice, insects, and cockroaches. Nowadays as everyone is busy with their work they hardly get time to clean the kitchen and home but there is a solution you just need to book the best maid service in Qatar from OfferMaids which provides various services like house cleaning service, office cleaning, kitchen cleaning service, party helpers, pet care, laundry and ironing, and window cleaning.

Here are some quick and easy tips for kitchen cleaning:

Using Baking soda:

Kitchen cleaning tips - Offermaids Qatar

Baking soda will help you keep the vessels shining without scrubbing. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the vessel and rinse off with hot vinegar after waiting for about 30 minutes. Apply baking soda to a wet sponge and use it on the kitchen and bathroom surface, wait for about 30 minutes and rinse off with hot water to get the shiny surface. Also, it’s used to clean coffee pots, microwaves, and cutting boards.

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Sink Drain:

It’s worse when the sink gets clogged because we can’t wash hands, do the dishes or rinse the vegetables. At the point when a sink channel has started to back up, some of the time essentially placing in the channel plug, filling the sink brimming with water, and afterward abruptly reassessing makes sufficient strain to remove an obstruction and get the channel rolling once more.

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Sauces and dressings that get sucked solidly into the permeable surface can leave woodenware looking grimy. You may not understand how much woodenware you have in your kitchen until it confesses all it. You can clean the wooden utensil with a few easy steps. A bleach solution of 1/4th cup bleaches to 1 quarter warm water and then rinse off the utensil and make it dry for the next use.

Sauce stain in the container:

Stain removal tip - Offermaids Qatar

The container becomes dirty when the red stain is caused by the sauce. There is a solution that keeps the stain away so, before storing any kind of sauce in the container, rub the vegetable oil inside the container to get rid of any kind of stain.

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Oven :

It’s very hectic to clean the spills on the oven by scrubbing. You don’t need to sacrifice your passion for baking because of the spills. A very simple and effective method is to coat the splashes and spills with salt as soon as possible. Once the oven is cooled down, use a sponge to easily wipe them away.


In order to clean the dishwasher, dip the toothbrush in the hot water and dish soap and scrub it.

Garbage Can :

kitchen cleaning- Offermads Qatar

The bad smell of the garbage can create an unpleasant environment in the house so in order to get rid of the bad odor, sprinkle some baking soda below the garbage can so that it will absorb the bad smell.

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