Kitchen Cleaning to ensure food Safety

Kitchen Cleaning to ensure food Safety

If you were asked what the most important component of your home is, it might be a little tricky to answer right away. Is it the windows? The roof? Or even the top-quality hardwood floors? In fact, the most important part of your home is the kitchen – where all your food gets made and stored. Even if you skip cleaning the living room or the bedroom for a few days, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. But if you leave your kitchen unattended for even a day, you can see the results in the quality of food that you eat. You probably wouldn’t mind a little dust on the furniture, but would you want to eat stale and contaminated food?

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Having a clean kitchen is crucial for the health of everyone living in your house. Whether you devote an hour a day to cleaning or exhaustively clean out the kitchen once a week, the positive take is the fact that you are combating disease and illness in a proactive manner. Of course, you could also take help from professional house cleaning in Qatar to thoroughly clean your kitchen once in a while. Here we look at some of the steps you could take to keep your kitchen hygienic.

Food storage and Preparation:

Every item of food that comes into the kitchen would not get cooked right away. Vegetables, cereals and the like go into the storage cupboard or the refrigerator till they are required for cooking. Ensure that these items are properly stored, and clean out the storage spaces thoroughly to remove any buildup of contaminants.

Wash the items in warm water before cutting or cooking them. When using cutting boards during food preparation, take care not to reuse the board for multiple items. Clean the cutting knife and board in hot water, preferably using a bleach solution. This minimizes the chances of cross-contamination taking place within the kitchen.


Perishable food items almost always end up in the fridge and tend to remain there well past their expiration period. Replace the food items in the fridge at least once in a week to ensure that you have space for fresh food. Home cleaners in Qatar can help clean the insides of your refrigerator thoroughly. After you are done cleaning, place a small bowl of baking soda inside the fridge overnight to remove any lingering odors.

Cooking appliances:

Microwaves and cooking ranges need to be cleaned daily to remove any food remains. Wipe down the insides of the appliances with a wet sponge soaked in hot water and bleach solution every night. Before cooking, microwave a bowl of vinegar solution for five minutes. This removes any odors lingering after cleaning.

Sink and garbage disposal:

The leftover food that gets dumped into the sink goes through the garbage disposal unit for effective waste treatment. Professional kitchen cleaning services in Qatar recommend cleaning out the sink and the garbage disposal unit once in a while to reduce the buildup of waste particles. Pour a solution of bleach and vinegar down the sink to clean out all food particles. Rinse it with hot water as well to keep it clean.

Counter tops:

The level of perfection in a kitchen is directly reflected in its counter tops. Most of your food items make their way to the counter top and leave their mark on it. Some of this is too small to be noticed, but they could develop into hazardous contaminants if left uncleaned. When you keep food items on the counter top, use a plate or plastic mat to eliminate contact with the surface. This way, you reduce the chances of cross-contamination from food items.

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In case you spill something on the counter top, do not wipe it off right away. Sprinkle some salt over it to remove any bacterial presence. Allow it to rest for a few minutes before wiping with paper towels. Wipe with a wet sponge soaked in a disinfectant solution for added safety.

Garbage bin:

Even if you use a garbage disposal unit for leftover food, it is a good idea to have a garbage bin to dispose of larger food items. Get a good mechanical bin that can hold enough food waste in a day. This way, you would have to clear out the bin each day. Also, use a plastic bag inside the bin to keep it stain-free. This also helps you clear out the trash more easily.

Once a week, when you hire a professional kitchen cleaning service in Qatar to clean your kitchen, instruct them to clean and sanitize the bins to remove any food waste that could harbor dangerous bacteria.

Cleaning equipment:

If you use cleaning sponges and scrubs to wash the dishes and cutlery, you will need to properly maintain the equipment.

Kitchen cleaning equipment can harbor all kinds of contaminants and unwanted materials that could eventually make their way into your food. Bacterial growth on your cleaning equipment could contaminate your tableware and pose a risk to your health. Kitchen cleaning towels and cleaning pads carry around grease and bacteria from all over the place and transfer these to your clean food items.

Soak the cleaning equipment in warm water after using them. Leave them to dry overnight in an aerated container. Before using them in the morning, soak them in hot water to remove any pollutants.

Professional kitchen cleaning:

Getting your kitchen cleaned is essential for all-round hygiene for your family. But it may not be possible to find a good kitchen cleaning service in Qatar while you are busy shuttling between work and home. While you go through the many cleaning companies in Qatar for your kitchen, making the right choice is a difficult step.

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