Make a great first impression with a clean office

Make a great first impression with a clean office

We have heard the expression ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. But when a client visits your office, the first thing they are going to notice is the general tidiness around the place. A clean and presentable office conveys to visitors that its employees are responsible and trustworthy, and tells clients and customers that the company means business above all else. For this a professional  office cleaning company in Qatar has its own role.

There is a popular saying that goes: ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. Forget clients, even customers – imagine your boss is coming round for a surprise visit. Even if all the business is in order, conducting business in an untidy office can be off-putting for anyone. Put your best efforts into keeping your office as clean as possible, and a little bit more. Read on to find some measures you can take to improve your visitors’ impression of you when they step inside your office.

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Exterior Cleaning

Visitors can form an opinion about you even before they step inside the doors. Potential employees coming to your office for interviews can judge your company even before stepping inside. It is in your best interests to sway these judgments to your favor when looking for professional office cleaning in Qatar.

Facade Maintenance

Ever seen a lot of customers going into an office building that looks decrepit? Most people wouldn’t risk their time and effort in a company that does not even have the audacity to maintain their basic appearance. The exterior of your building needs to look prim and proper to signal a firm company attitude.


Dirty gutters are unsightly to look at on any building. Debris can clog up your gutters and cause significant structural damage to your office building when they leak. Hire an office cleaning company in Qatar to clean the gutters to remove dirt and debris to maintain the appearance of your office building.

Window Cleaning

A bright and well-lit office makes it more comfortable for people working inside. Clear, dirt-free windows create a homely atmosphere, making your office appear more welcoming for visitors. specialized window cleaning can make your windows shine, making your office appear more spacious and homely. Hire a cleaning company in Qatar to deep clean your windows every month to restore their gleaming appearance.

Office Interiors

Your office needs to look presentable all day to convince clients and customers to do business with you. People frequenting your office may not notice little imperfections like a carpet stain, but they do tend to take note of such things that affect the general ambiance of the office.

Lobby Area

Most office buildings have a visitor’s lounge where clients and customers can wait before entering the main office. Being a high-traffic area, this place tends to attract a lot of dust and dirt. Visitors need to feel comfortable even before they enter the office, and this helps build a favorable appearance for your company. The lobby area needs to be dusted and cleaned regularly to remove dust and germs.

Office Desks

With modern offices doing away with paper files, cluttered desks piled high with files and sticky notes make it seem like your employees are less organized, and conveys an overall lethargic atmosphere on the part of managers. Keep your office desks organized, following the general rule – ‘bring to your desk only what you can carry out in a box.’ also, hire a professional cleaner to wipe down your desks and partitions daily to make them look more presentable.

Combating Odors

Your office might be spotless at first glance, but there could be pollutants hiding in places that are not regularly cleaned. Harsh lingering odors can cause health problems in people with allergies and autoimmune diseases. A visitor to your office can pick up the smell more obviously than your employees who might be accustomed to it. If you don’t want clients and customers getting bad vibes from the odors in your office, make a note of deep cleaning your office once a month.

Air conditioning vents

These are the most obvious places where pollutants stick around without being disturbed, especially because they are the least cleaned parts of the office. You might not even have specific cleaning scheduled for the air conditioning until it malfunctions. Look for an office cleaning company in Qatar that specializes in cleaning the air filters thoroughly while cleaning your air conditioning.


Moldy carpets can harbor a variety of fetid pollutants, which can worsen the air quality in your office if left undisturbed. Debris and spills can stick to your carpets for a long time, eventually wearing them out. Schedule a carpet cleaning once a month when you book office cleaning in Qatar to make your carpets look fresh as new.

Garbage Bins

Overflowing bins full of leftover food in your break room can be the primary source of foul odors in your office. Separate food waste before you dump stuff into the trash cans. Use a separate garbage bin for leftover food so that it can be disposed of easily.


Poor ventilation and inefficient cleaning can cause bathrooms to develop harsh odors. In addition to using air fresheners to combat these odors, you will need to come up with a comprehensive solution for a permanent fix. Improve bathroom ventilation to reduce lingering odors. Also, get the bathrooms thoroughly cleaned daily by your regular cleaners.

Professional Office Cleaning:

Getting your office spotlessly cleaned to make a great first impression on your clients and customers can be a tough deal when you need to find the right office cleaning company in Qatar for your particular cleaning needs. You may not have the time to go through all of these companies while you are busy at work.

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