Pre-wash laundry checklist that you should know

Your clothes speak about you. The outfit you wear demonstrates your taste, emotion and a bit about your personality. Whether you are doing an interview or meeting with your loved ones you want your clothes to always look great. Doing laundry is a vital skill. But before doing the actual process you must keep some points in your mind so that the end result is perfect. If you want the clothes to look good and are searching for a laundry service in Qatar then you can contact OfferMaids.

Here are some pre-wash checklists that you should know:

Read the label on the clothing:

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Before putting the clothes in the washing machine one must read the label carefully which tells about the clothes whether they need dry cleaning or hand washing. There are clothes which contain instructions to handle the button, lining, cuffs, etc. also there are certain clothes that leave color so gather such clothes and wash them separately.

Prepare the clothes for machine wash:


It is essential to prepare the cloth before washing. You should unfold the sleeves, empty the pocket, turn the clothing inside out, unbutton the button, zip up zippers, etc. so be careful when you start the button.

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Treat the stains:

It is always a good practice to treat the stains before you start washing, sometimes if you overlook the stains there may be the chance that the stains will spoil your garments. A small tip that may help you is whenever the food, sauce or oil drops on the clothes just put cornstarch on it and wait for 20 minutes before removing it. Make sure to dab the stain, don’t rub as it may spread.

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Don’t overload the machine:

Overloading a machine with clothes may definitely save your electricity and water, but it has after-effects. When you overload the machine you are reducing the ability to clean the clothes. If you want a good result then make sure not to wash more than seven pounds in a single load.

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