Tips to keep your refrigerator clean and spotless

Tips to keep your refrigerator clean and spotless

The one place in your home that needs to be properly cleaned is the place where your food gets made. Most folks would just wipe down the counter tops and call it a day, but there is so much more to cleaning the kitchen. Even if you forget cleaning the sink, it would continue to work, appearances notwithstanding. But unlike other kitchen appliances like microwaves or dishwashers that have a level of self-cleaning, refrigerators do not come with this feature. You will need to get your hands dirty to get your food-basket in order. So here are a few tips from home cleaners in Qatar focusing on cleaning out your refrigerator top-to-bottom. Let’s get to it.

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Cleaning Preparations

First, set aside a weekend for a thorough cleaning, and mark it off on the calendar. Remember, refrigerator cleaning needs to be scheduled every month to keep your food from getting spoiled. As you approach this day, your consumption should be in such a way that there are fewer perishable items when you are ready to clean. You can make a grocery-run after cleaning – it won’t take more than an hour, even.

Stock up on the cleaning materials beforehand: are all you need. Kitchen cleaning service in Qatar can make quick work of refrigerators with just cleaning gloves, a spray bottle with cleaning liquid, microfiber pads and scrubbing brushes.

Before you begin cleaning, turn off the refrigerator and remove all the food items along with detachable shelves and drawers from inside it. Do not leave any item behind. Not only will this help you clean faster, but you can also take stock of all the items before putting them back.

Wiping down the exterior

Once everything is removed and you have your cleaning gear on, start off by spraying the cleaning liquid over the exterior surface of the refrigerator. Scrub first and wipe down with the cleaning pads to ensure a spotless surface. Fold a paper towel and use the edges to clean out the grooves on the surface and the folds of the seal lining the inside of the refrigerator. These are areas that collect stray food bits and spills, and rarely get noticed. Take particular care to clean the top and bottom of your refrigerator – dust collects on the top and a whole lot more collects on the underside.

The most frequently used part might be the handles, so you will need to clean and disinfect them thoroughly. Soak a cleaning pad in warm water and rinse it dry. Press it against the handles and wipe gently to remove any lingering germs.

Cleaning the insides

Avoid using warm water to clean the insides as this can change the cooling rate when you switch the refrigerator back on.

Shelves and Drawers

Fill a basin with water and soap solution and leave the smaller shelves in this to soak. This helps break down grease and tough dirt. Some of these items come in glass, so you will need to be careful while washing. The positive side is that glass surfaces can be cleaned more easily, so you will have less effort getting them cleaned manually. Kitchen cleaning services in Qatar can help you clean these items thoroughly using specialized cleaning materials.

After about half an hour of soaking, scrub with a cleaning brush or sponge to remove the dirt. You can also use an old toothbrush to reach the curved edges and grooves. Rinse them in a solution of vinegar and then in water. Leave them to dry while you clean the rest of the refrigerator.

Interior Surface Cleaning

Apply the cleaning solution over the insides and clean using brushes. Use microfiber pads to wipe down the dirt and grime. The grooves on the inside where the shelves are attached might not be easily reachable. Professional home cleaners in Qatar recommend using cotton buds soaked in the cleaning solution to get embedded dirt out of these spots. When you are done cleaning, wipe down the insides with dry paper towels to remove the excess moisture.

Odor Control

Place a small bowl of baking soda at the bottom of the refrigerator before restocking everything. This will help absorb strong odors and keep it smelling fresh.

Food storage tips

Allow the refrigerator to cool before placing the food items back in. And you need to organize your food items better to keep them fresh for longer. So before you restock everything haphazardly, take a look at these tips from professional home cleaners in Qatar.

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Meat and Fish

Raw meat and fish need to be cleaned thoroughly before being refrigerated. Store them in a container or a curved plate so that they don’t drip and contaminate the refrigerator.

Dairy Products

Place milk and dairy products towards the inside of the refrigerator and away from the shelves. This helps reduce any temperature changes around them when the shelves are opened, keeping them fresh for longer.

Sealed Containers

Items in jars and airtight containers or bottles can be placed on the shelves as they are much less affected by temperature changes.

Fresh Produce

Fruits and vegetables can be stored in refrigerator drawers. Make sure you wash these items before consuming them.


Some refrigerators come with egg-holders that can hold up to a dozen eggs. Or, you can store them in cartons, in a place that is not disturbed often.

Hire the best home cleaners in Qatar

Your kitchen needs to be cleaned regularly, and the refrigerator being the one place where most of the food is stored, needs special attention. While you may not be around to properly maintain the kitchen, you can always hire professional home cleaners in Qatar to help you out. If you are confused about finding the right cleaning service for your particular cleaning needs, worry no more.

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