Simple Kitchen Cleaning Hacks by OfferMaids Qatar

The kitchen is one of the most visited and trafficked rooms in the house. Cooking mess, dirty dishes, vegetable peels etc. makes the kitchen dirty. A kitchen is a place that should always be kept clean and should be hygienic as it directly depends on the health of the family member. The kitchen should be regularly cleaned and it is also one of the places where the guest can judge you easily based on the cleanliness. Check out some simple hacks by OfferMaids, the best cleaning service in Qatar that will help you out in kitchen cleaning service Qatar.

Listed below are the simple hacks that will help you while cleaning the kitchen:

Eliminate drain odors from the dishwasher tablet:

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The odor from the drains makes the kitchen smell bad. We always want to keep our kitchen smelling great. Don’t worry, the easy tips for that is to put the dishwasher tablet on the rug and pour the hot water over it so that the tablet gets dissolved and thus leaves it smelling fresh. 

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Onion to clean oven rack:

Onion is one of the ideal cleaning tools. For cleaning the greasy rack and stubborn rack cut the onion in half and rub it on the grills. Another way is to soak grills in the hot water and wash up the liquid for half an hour. It also helps to clean the oven. If you want to hire a kitchen cleaning service in Qatar then contact OfferMaids.

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Olive oil for shiny surface:

After washing the stainless steel with water and soap, put a few drops of olive oil on a microfiber cloth and rub on the stainless steel to get a shiny surface. Apart from that olive oil has other benefits like cleaning the surface of the kitchen, the fridge door, the kitchen table etc. If searching for a kitchen cleaning service in Qatar then you can contact OfferMaids.

Use Cold Tea:

There is an excellent benefit of tea for cleaning the glass window. You need to prepare a black tea and set it to cool. After that transfer, it to a spray bottle and spray it over the window and get a streak-free finish after wiping from a newspaper.

Detergent for oven rack:

detergent is not only to wash the clothes, it is also used to clean the oven rack. If you are worried about bringing back the original shine in the rack then you have to soak the rack in the water containing the detergent.  Let the rack sit for at least five hours before removing the water. Thus you can get the original shine of the rack back.

Tang for dishwasher:

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Did you know the benefit of tang for the dishwasher? Well, if your dishwasher is not able to clean the sparkling dishes then it’s time to use some tang. For that you need to pour the tang into the dishwasher and rinse. Then you can add the dirty dishes and give them another rinse to get the sparkly, shiny and clean dishes.

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Cotton balls for garbage can:

In order to remove the food stuck in the garbage can rub the can with the brush so that the stuck food remaining is removed after that rinse with water and let it dry.  And to get rid of the bad odor from the can or to prevent from the odor you can place the cotton ball soaked in the essential oil as per the fragrance of your choice this will help you to reduce the odor of the garbage can and apart from that you can sprinkle the baking soda in the bag.

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