The Kitchen cleaning checklist that you need to know

kitchen cleaning

Kitchen is the heart of the house, a place where most of the time is spent. It is always a challenging task to keep the kitchen clean. A clean kitchen directly refers to your healthy family, as an unclean kitchen may cause various unhealthy situations like allergies and various health issues. It is very simple to judge someone when we visit their home and check their kitchen condition. Even Though if we do not have much time to clean the house on a daily basis, it is a good practice to maintain the kitchen clean. If you are searching for the top house cleaning service in Qatar who cleans all the houses including the kitchen then you must approach OfferMaids.

Listed below are the checklists for cleaning the kitchen.

Some of the highly recommended kitchen cleaning products are:

  • Microfibre cloth
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Microfibre mop
  • All purpose vinegar spray
  • Dish wash liquid
  • Detergent
  • Squeegee

Declutter the countertop:

If you have dirty dishes or mugs lying around, rinse them in the dishwasher or in the sink and put them in the dishwasher. You will then need to do a quick cleanup, put away all kitchen items in the cupboards, then dispose of any rubbish that has been left on the side, such as old tea bags and food wrappers. The easier you keep your counters clean, the more room you’ll have for cleaning. 

Clean the floor:

The kitchen floor easily accumulates the dust, debris and stains and makes the kitchen look unclean. It is important to clean the kitchen floor by first sweeping and then continuing with mopping.  While cleaning the floor start from the farthest corner and then proceed to the center.

Clean the trash:

Cleaning the trash can is the vital part while you clean the kitchen. An unclean trash can can create unwanted odor in the kitchen and thus results in unhygienic conditions. Clean the inside of the bag before placing the new bag.

Clean the refrigerator:

Cleaning the refrigerator and placing the things in a proper place is important as the messy refrigerator may create confusion and it would be hectic to find a small thing in an over packed refrigerator.Empty the refrigerator and wipe the shelves in the kitchen properly and place the thing back to the fridge in an organized manner.

Clean the sink:

You should begin by coating the wet sink in baking soda and soaking the sponge in hot water and soap. Starting from the top of the basin, scrub down the sides to the drain, pushing any grime directly into it. The surface should remain scum-free until the soap and water are added as needed.

Remove the foreign object:

It’s time to remove the objects that don’t belong to the kitchen, For eg, sometimes kids may scatter the toys in the kitchen and thus make the kitchen messy so it’s time to remove the unwanted belongings from the kitchen and place them in their respective place.

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