Things to look forward when choosing a residential cleaning company in Qatar

Things to look forward when choosing a residential cleaning company in Qatar

Rizwan just moved into Al Khor from Doha as part of his new job, he was now the digital marketing head of a renowned Marketing Analytics firm in Qatar. Since his new position came with a pay raise he decided to move into a 2 BHK single occupant flat near to his new office. Since Rizwan was raised as a single child apart from learning to cook a few of his favorite dishes he never bothered to learn any other household activities like cleaning, dusting ,etc. Rizwan’s first few days in the apartment went by smoothly as he was so, engrossed with his work he never paid attention to the scores of unwashed dishes piling up inside his kitchen sink or the presence of dust and dirt accumulating everywhere inside his apartment due to its close proximity to the roadside.

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One day after returning back from work Rizwan started sneezing violently after stepping into his apartment as he was allergic to dust. After he took in a cold and flu and regained his composure he noticed the pile of junk collected everywhere around him. Everywhere he looked he saw nothing but hordes of unwanted cloths, uncleaned dishes etc. That’s when Rizwan cursed himself for not picking up any of the essential cleaning skills while growing up and in his previous apartment he always got away without doing anything as his roommates were too linnet with him so, he got away without doing any cleaning.

After contemplating his pitiful state for some time he decided to handle the situation in a smart and efficient manner. He took out his laptop and typed in “best cleaning companies in Qatar”. The first page in Google was populated with search ads from some cleaning companies browsing through them he came across a blog post titled “Things to look forward when choosing a residential cleaning company in Qatar”.

Rizwan found the title of the blog post a bit interesting so that he decided to read it.

Contents of the blog post

Go for one referred by your friend and family- When choosing a cleaning company in Qatar to clean your apartment go for one which is referred by your family and friends. Never make a decision after reading about their services from their website, make an inquiry regarding the cleaning company and the quality of service they deliver with your closest friends and your family. Your friends and family won’t lie to you anyway especially not for something like this. After hearing what your family and friends have to say about the maid cleaning services make your decision.

Be skeptical of online reviews– Never buy wholeheartedly what anyone says about anything in their website and blog post. Companies can offer incentives to their customers to write a good review or even create these fake reviews themselves. Therefore, when you are reading an online review of maid cleaning services in Qatar, see whether it’s descriptive or just a string of one line cliché text like “very good services” or “great services”.

Workers Compensation- When you are looking into hiring a cleaning company in Qatar to clean your house make sure whether they are willing and able to compensate you for any incidents like theft, damage to your property caused by their maids. So even if a maid cleaning service company were to charge you higher rates for cleaning, but if they are willing to compensate for any damage done by their employees go for that one.

Will they take up requests- When hiring a maid cleaning service in Qatar always make an inquiry whether the services they are offering are part of a fixed package or are they willing to take on any additional jobs which are not mentioned in their website for additional payment.

Experience matters– Like for anything else in life, experience matters a lot when it comes to choosing a cleaning company in Qatar also. So when looking into hiring a maid cleaning service in Qatar go through their website and see how long they have been in the business. Next check whether they have received any national or international certifications. From your search, if you were to come across a cleaning company in Qatar who has a number of years of experience in the cleaning industry and has won awards and accolades then know it that you have found the best cleaning company in Qatar and choose them to clean your place.

Will they bring their own stuff- The whole reason why we are looking for the services of a cleaning company is because of the fact that we are too lazy to clean up after our own mess. There are some cleaning companies in Qatar who don’t provide their personal with any of the essential cleaning gear or supplies to do the job. In addition to hiring them to also have to provide them with cleaning gear and supplies, is asking for too much. In order to avoid situation like this when you are going through the website of the maid cleaning service in Qatar see whether that have mentioned specifically that they will bring in their own gear and cleaning supplies.

Terms of service-One of the most essential quality to look forward when it comes to hiring a maid cleaning service in Qatar to clean your home make sure they are having  very flexible terms of service.

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What kind of clauses a flexible contract should carry

  • No surprise fees.
  • A policy for canceling a session or switching services.
  • No cancellation fees.

To find a cleaning company in Qatar with all of the above-mentioned clauses is very hard. If you were to find one know that you have found one of the best cleaning companies in Qatar to clean your office and hire them on a moment’s notice.

Do they have their own employees– Since you will be handling your house to the personals of the cleaning company make sure they are the employees of the company itself or are they contract workers. The problem with contract workers is that they are both poorly trained and compensated for the work they do. There are some maid cleaning services in Qatar who provide employ contractual laborers and provide cleaning services at low rates. So when it comes to hiring a maid to clean your house don’t choose one a service just because it was cheap.

Know who are you hiring– One of the most essential things to consider when hiring a cleaning company in Qatar to clean your apartment is to check whether the maid they are sending is having proper credentials with them and they have their references checked. There are many cleaning companies in Qatar who send in random people to clean a house without any references. Our house is important to us not just because it has our possessions, however also because it’s a place where we eat sleep and relax the most therefore, don’t allow a random stranger to walk in to your place.

They can be someone with a shady character. Therefore, when it comes to hiring a maid check whether the company has sent you their details before their arrival and also they have sent the exact person and not someone else.

Can they guarantee your satisfaction- When we are looking for cleaning companies to clean our place we will come across websites of lots of cleaning companies who make tall claims that they are the best cleaning company in Qatar, anyone can make tall claims, however the important thing is whether they can back their claims.

Therefore when you are looking into hiring the services of a cleaning company in Qatar to clean up your house look for one that states what they will do if there services won’t meet your requirements. After going through this Rizwan went through the website of the Offer maids, the company that published the blog post. After going through their website and social media channels Rizwan came to know that they have a number of years of experience in the cleaning industry and they also provide cleaning services in Dubai. Rizwan was impressed with what he saw and decided to book the services of a maid the other day afternoon itself.

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A maid called Nadia was to come the next day to clean his apartment. At the exact time, the maid from offer maids showed along with her cleaning equipment and supplies. It was the same person whose details he received the previous day. As soon as she came she started her work and he decided to listen to some music. After the second song he fell asleep and when he woke up he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, the entire place was clean to the very last spot. All his clothes were neatly folded and kept inside his cupboard and when he went to the kitchen all the plates were cleaned and neatly arranged inside in stacks. Rizwan was impressed with Nadia’s work he thanked her for her services and also offered her a very generous tip for the good job she did.

Since you have gone through the contents of this blog, you must be having some idea regarding the essential qualities to look for when you are on the lookout for the ideal cleaning company in Qatar to take care of your house. So the next time when you are in need of the services of a maid company you know where you can get the services of the best in whole of Qatar. To book our services or for more information regarding our services you can use our website: or our mobile app.