What all things a pet sitter needs to know when you hire them

When you can’t be present to take care of your pet, hiring a pet sitter is a wonderful way to make sure they get the love, care, and attention they need. To guarantee a seamless and fruitful pet sitting experience, it is imperative to give your selected pet sitter all the information they require. If you live in Qatar and are searching for the best pet sitting service, turn to OfferMaids, the top cleaning company in the country that also offers a pet sitting service with qualified pet sitters.

Listed below are some important points that you must share with your pet sitter:

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Contact Information:

Your full contact information should be given to the pet sitter, including your phone number, email address, and any alternate contacts you might have in case of an emergency. Make that they always know how to contact you, and give them any necessary instructions regarding the preferred means of communication.

Pet’s Daily Routine:

To help the pet sitter maintain regularity and give comfort to your furry buddy, describe your pet’s typical daily routine. Include details on your pet’s playtime schedule, feeding schedule, exercise time, toilet breaks, and any other particular activities they like to do. The pet sitter will be better able to recreate your pet’s routine and reduce any potential stress for your pet the more they understand it.

Feeding and Medication:

It’s essential to provide your pet with clear and detailed instructions regarding their diet and any necessary medications. Give details on the food to be given, the volume, the feeding schedule, and any dietary restrictions or allergies. Give specific directions on dosage, timing, and administration techniques if your pet needs to take medication. Make sure the pet carer is at ease and knowledgeable about administering meds if necessary.

Emergency Procedures:

Make a thorough record of emergency contact information, including the name, address, and phone number of your veterinarian as well as any nearby emergency veterinary clinic. Include your pet’s medical history as well, mentioning any current diseases, allergies, or sensitivities that are known to you. Discuss possible emergency scenarios with the pet sitter, such as mishaps, illness, or unforeseen circumstances, and give them specific instructions on how to address them.

Pet Behavior:

Your pet’s behavior, temperament, and any peculiarities should be disclosed to the pet sitter. For instance, let the pet sitter know if your pet gets uncomfortable during storms, has a tendency to chew on furniture, or doesn’t appreciate specific interactions. This information will enable them to efficiently predict and control your pet’s behavior, ensuring a secure and pleasant environment.

Preferred Activities:

Discuss your pet’s favorite activities, toys, and games with the pet sitter. Provide suggestions for how to engage and entertain your pet, as this can help reduce boredom and separation anxiety. If there are specific toys, puzzles, or enrichment activities your pet enjoys, ensure the pet sitter knows where to find them and how to incorporate them into their time together.

House Rules:

Any specific rules or restrictions within your home should be communicated to the pet sitter. For instance, you should inform them if the pet is allowed or not allowed in certain areas, if they should open doors, or if there are any security systems to be aware of. To ensure the safety of your pet and your home, provide specific instructions on home security routines and precautions, such as locking certain doors and windows.
When you are hiring a pet sitter make sure that you have communicated with all possible important information about the pets to them. One of the topmost pet sitting service in Qatar is OfferMaids where you can hire the experienced.