Get your house ready to welcome winter 

Get your house ready to welcome winter

The rains in November herald the arrival of winter in Qatar. Before it gets chilly outside, you will need to take care of a few things at home to make sure you have a warm spot ready. Grab a checklist before you read any further because these are essential measures suggested by cleaning services in Qatar to protect your home against winter conditions.

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Window protection

If you haven’t already cleaned your windows, consider doing so now. Dirty windows block out sunlight coming into your home during the daytime, making it cold and dingy inside. Opening up the windows is absolutely off the table because, for one, it would let in cold air from outside, and secondly, it would be an open invitation for any pests that want to make themselves at home. Look for professional cleaning companies in Qatar that provide special window cleaning services. Deep cleaning window surfaces will remove all dirt, allowing sunlight to enter your home.

The cold weather can cause window frames to expand, leaving narrow gaps through which cold air can get inside. Seal the inside edges of your windows with caulking or weatherproof insulation to protect against cold drafts.

Air conditioning system

Throughout the year, the air conditioning system is used to cool the inside of your home, but now it needs to be turned up to beat the chills or switched off completely. If you have a separate heating system, it would be a good idea to schedule a deep cleaning service for your air conditioning system since you won’t be using it for a while. Hire a house cleaning in Qatar to deep clean the vents, clearing it for use after winter.

Heating system

Electrically powered heating systems need to be checked for any defects before being powered on. After the November showers, you would have a drastic drop in temperature, so if you’re using a fuel or furnace based heating system, you would need to stock up on the materials way before this. With the rise in the popularity of automated indoor heating systems, you can also set the temperature to closely match the outside weather conditions, ensuring proper energy-efficiency.

Homes with furnace-based heating systems or fireplaces need to have proper precautions in place before starting a fire. Make sure the fuel or firewood is stored in a secure storage area away from the fire. Also, check the fire suppression system and smoke alarms to make sure they are properly working.

Seal your home

Even with the best heating system, you will have irregular heating in your home if there are any gaps through which cold drafts enter your home. This would also mean higher energy bills if you use an electric heating system.

Cleaning services in Qatar recommend a simple and efficient technique to identify cracks in your walls. Light a candle and hold it near the wall surface. If it flickers, you can be assured that there is a draft from a crevice. Seal these cracks with caulking or sealants as you find them.

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Winter conditions can be quite damaging to your plumbing system. Water tends to expand under cold conditions. Although the pipes inside your home are safe from such temperature changes, those running outside your home – the lawn sprinklers as well as pipe extensions from inside are affected during winter.

Outdoor plumbing

Shut off the exterior valves for your lawn sprinkler system. Drain out the water from the pipes as well as hosepipes. Your lawn can do without watering during the winter, so you can stow the hosepipes inside your home as well.

For pipes running out in the open, you will need to get professional cleaning services in Qatar to help frost-proof their surfaces.


If you have an outdoor pool, consider draining it too, because no one would be diving in during the winter obviously. Hire a house cleaning in Qatar to thoroughly clean the pool after you drain it. Use tarp or canvas covers to protect the pool surface against the cold weather and any debris falling in.

Pest control

Your home is a safe haven against the cold weather outside during the winter – not just for you, but any pests looking for a place to lie low until the spring. When the weather outside is warm enough, these pests get ready to breed and take over your home. If you do not secure your home against these uninvited guests before winter sets in, you would have an infestation on your hands.

House interior

Secure any cracks in the walls and floors using caulking or sealants. Consult professional cleaning services in Qatar to check for hidden gaps under your floor or in your roof where pests can get in. for smaller cracks, sealants may suffice. If there are large gaps that are not secured, consider using pressurized expanding foam.


Check around your home, especially any outdoor storage areas to make sure there are no bug or rodent nests. Since the lawn would not be watered through the winter, it would be a good time to spray pesticides to prevent any pests from laying eggs in the ground. Work with professional cleaning services in Qatar when using chemical compounds for your lawn to get the right product for your needs.

Hire professional cleaning services in Qatar

Getting all these done before winter can be quite difficult when you are shuttling between home and work all week, and just trying to relax during the weekend. You can always hire professional house cleaning in Qatar to guard your home against winter. But this can be a task unto itself, considering the many different cleaning companies in Qatar advertising themselves as the best in the business.

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