8 Top Things You Should Clean Everyday

8 Top Things You Should Clean Everyday

Leading maid company Qatar about 8 household items you should consider cleaning everyday.

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We all like to have a neat and fresh looking home. As the world is taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is important to keep our home free from germs. Certain things in our house need to be cleaned regularly to prevent contamination.

Studies have proven that the most contaminated place in the kitchen can be dish towels. Similar to dishtowels, there can be a lot of other spots in your home that are prone to frequent touch and can get easily contaminated. Hence it is necessary to clean these areas every day to ensure a healthy and safe home.

1. Bathroom Sink

According to the maid company Qatar, a clean bathroom helps in reducing the chance of growth of germs such as viruses, bacteria, and other pathogenic microorganisms. Bathrooms not only require a weekly deep cleaning but also the surfaces needed to be wiped on a daily basis. If you wipe down bathrooms daily, it will decrease the presence of bugs and germs on the surface of your bathrooms. Also, cleaning the bathroom sink every day helps to kill all kinds of harmful germs and bacteria on your bathroom sink. It will also remove toothpaste and other residues from the bathroom sink, and keep it sparkling all the time.

2. Hand Towels

How often do you clean your hand towels? Hand towels may not look dirty, but it can be the breeding place of a lot of microscopic germs. Hence, it is vital to change them every day. This rule is applicable for dish towels, and bathroom towels as well. If you use hand towels more than once a day, they can easily get dirtier. Especially, if you are sharing them with other members of your family, then they can easily get dirtier. So it is necessary to change and clean your hand towels, dishtowels, and your bathroom towels regularly.

3. Tooth Brush

We use a toothbrush to clean our teeth, to clean out food particles, grime and plaque off the teeth. So do you think that a normal rinse in water could clean all of these residues from our toothbrush? Most of us keep the toothbrush in the bathrooms which makes it easier for the bacteria to linger on it. The basic cleaning method to clean a toothbrush is by washing it with hot water before and after using them. Experts also suggest keeping the bristle side immersed in mouth wash for about 10 to 15 minutes to deep clean the brush.

4. Cutting Board

It is important to regularly clean and disinfect your cutting boards to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs on your cutting board. If you’re using wooden cutting boards, make sure you soak the cutting board in a mixture of vinegar and hot warm water every time before you use it. It will help to destroy all the germs from the cutting board. Professional cleaners from maid company Qatar suggest using baking soda for this purpose. Sprinkle some baking soda onto the cutting board. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it off with running water until all the residues are removed from it.

5. Counter Tops

We put a lot of things on the countertops from our vehicle keys to wallets. Since we keep a lot of important things on the countertops, cleaning them frequently is highly crucial. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, maintaining hygiene is necessary. Make sure that you wipe the countertops every day using a disinfectant cleaner or a disinfectant spray to disinfect the surface. Kitchen counters can get really messy after cooking sessions and it is a good practice to immediately clean the kitchen countertop after cooking. This will not let the dirt stick onto the surface and get harder.

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6. Keyboard

You probably use your keyboard every day and type on it. Office cleaning company Qatar says If you do not clean the keyboards every day, you’re letting bacteria to crawl on your keyboard. This in turn causes serious infections. So it’s time to realize this fact and clean keyboards every day before you start using it. Use an electronic safe to clean the keyboard. You can also use rubbing alcohol for this purpose. Before the application, use a duster to clear off all the dust and grime locked in between the keys. Thus, daily cleaning for your keyboards helps to kill all the bacteria on it. 

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7. Make Your Bed

Do you make your bed every day? It is true that we cannot wash our pillowcases and bed sheets on a daily basis but there are certain things you can do every day to clean your bed. Studies have proven that making your bed every day is good for physical and mental wellbeing. Hence, it is a good practice to clean the bed every day and wash the pillowcases and bed sheets at least once a week. This will eliminate the growth of bacteria on your bed and keep it always clean. A clean bed can instantly make your bedroom neater and cleaner says cleaners from leading maid company Qatar.

8. Water Bottles

We use our water bottles every day but are we cleaning them on a daily basis? If reusable water bottles are not regularly cleaned, it can easily be the breeding place of bacteria. Research shows that the average amount of bacteria present in water bottles can be 75,000 per ml and if they are not cleaned every day, the bacteria can grow up to two million. Leading cleaning company that provides home and window cleaners Qatar recommends using an antimicrobial dish cleaner with hot water to clean the water bottles every day. Copper water bottles are rich in anti-microbial properties and replacing them with regular water bottles can keep you more healthy.

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