Best Air Purifying Plants For Your Home By Maids Cleaning Services in Qatar

Best Air Purifying Plants For Your Home By Maids Cleaning Services in Qatar

Maids cleaning services in Qatar suggest 10 indoor plants to add beauty to your interior space.

Having indoor plants is the best way to purify the air we breathe. Air purifying indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide from the indoors and emit more oxygen. They have also been shown to have many other perks such as stress reduction and humidity control. Besides, Indoor plants make the indoors look more spacious and defined.

So we at Offer Maids foremost maids cleaning services in Qatar, picked 10 air purifying house plants to enhance your indoors.

Snake Plant Laurentii

Snake plant Laurentii is a succulent with leaves that look like a sword. It has yellow edges in the leaves. The low-light tolerant Snake plant or Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii is a well-liked indoor air purifying house plant due to its easy maintenance. Snake plant is also said to absorb allergens and pollutants from the indoors.


If you are looking for an easily growing houseplant, As a maid company in Qatar, we think Pothos can be a perfect option for you. These trailing vine plants are native to the Solomon Islands. They grow well indoors as well as outdoors. Pothos is an excellent choice for offices and small rooms. They help eliminate odors and toxins from indoors.

 Pilea Peperomioides

Another popular houseplant for layabouts is Pilea peperomioides. This coin-shaped foliage is as easy as pie when it comes to caring. Pilea peperomioides is native to china. They have different names like pancake plant, Chinese money plant, coin plant, etc. This is a flowering plant with unique foliage.

 Jade Plant

Jade plant is another easy to care place. It is not only easy to maintain but also considered to bring luck to the home. All they need is to water the plant properly so that it won’t dry out. Jade plants grow well in moderate sunshine. Planting jade indoors improves the quality of indoor air by absorbing CO2 at night.

Variegated Arrowhead Vine

A variegated Arrowhead is a vine that grows well in hanging pots or frames. The plant loves bright lights and watering once in a while. These vines absorb toxic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. This air purifying vine also eliminates airborne microorganisms.

Maids Cleaning Services in Qatar

Dracaena Gold Star

Another low-maintenance plant from the list is Dracaena Gold Star. This houseplant is very useful when it comes to air purification. In the opinion of the NASA Clean Air Study, the plant is one of the most effective houseplants that removes formaldehyde and other toxic airborne agents. Dracaena Gold Star is an evergreen perennial plant that spreads upward when they grow. 

Rubber Tree

If you are looking for medium-sized houseplants, Ficus elastica or Rubber trees can be a good option. If replanted according to their growth, the rubber plants become fully-fledged into beautiful indoor trees. For people who prefer smaller plants, you can keep them in smaller pots to restrict the growth.

Hoya Carnosa

A Wax plant or Hoya Carnosa is a houseplant with wax-like leaves. Hoya has strong scented flowers. The plant is known to eradicate pollutants from the air. Hence, Hoya can be an excellent choice to enhance your indoors. Hoya plants love moderate temperatures.


Aglaonema is a houseplant with several varieties – Modestum, Emerald Bay, Silver Queen, Silver King, Red Peacock, Harlequin, and many more. The plant with stagnant growth. The plant grows healthy in window light. For indoor foliage lovers, aglaonema is a must-try houseplant, say experts from maids Cleaning Services in Qatar.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus fern or Asparagus aethiopicus is a decorative house plant with many benefits. The herb is used as a medicinal plant to treat various health concerns like heart problems and dizziness. It also has laxative benefits. The plant occasionally blooms with small white flowers. The plant can be grown indoors as well as outdoors under shade.

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