Every Dog Owner Should Know These Tips

Every Dog Owner Should Know These Tips

Are you planning to adopt or buy a puppy? Then, here are some useful tips you should know before bringing home your furry friend.

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Bringing home a puppy is easy but preparing your home for your four-legged companion definitely requires some effort. You are going to share your home with your dog for the coming 11-13 years or more! 

If you are ready to take this responsibility, go ahead and read on to know the tips of professional pet sitters in Qatar. 

Internet helps but…

The first thing most of us do is checking the internet to know the do’s and don’t of dog caring. 

There are tons of articles and videos you can take reference from but remember one thing. You can get misled by falsies too. 

It is always recommended to take opinions from experts or your VET if you are doubtful about the internet’s suggestions.

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Healthy Food, Regular Exercise & VET Visits

You may have occupied the kibbles and treats for your new friend. Bowls, toys, leash – all of these are needed but the most important thing your doggy needs is a nutritious diet and your love. 

Invest in good quality food specially made for canines. That food contains the right amount of amino acids and fatty acids for your furry friend.

Avoid giving them human food. Dogs’ digestive system does not like a lot of food humans eat and feeding human food can sometimes make them sick.

Regularly exercise your dog. Playing, walking, and running can keep your dog fit and healthy. 

Periodic VET visits are necessary to monitor the health of your dog.

Dogs are dogs

The biggest mistake people do is treating dogs like humans. 

Just because dogs understand human behaviors, don’t expect your dog to behave the way you want. 

It is important to train your dog to enact your way. Don’t wait for your dog to become 4 to 6 months old. Start training as early as possible. 

Grooming is also important and it should be started when your dog is in the puppy stage. 

Since dogs are routine-oriented, always adhere to a routine. Set time for food, walking, and exercise.

Human Stuff is not dog’s stuff

It is a good practice not to share human stuff with your doggy. 

Don’t let your dog climb to your bed or play with your accessories. If you let that, dogs may try to use them even in your absence and it can lead to pet accidents. 

Dogs may accidentally destroy your stuff so give them their own stuff they can play with. 

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Get your dog his own bed and that way you can stop climbing your dog on the bed to take a nap.

Dogs love to play with chords and wires so make sure you pet-proof your home before taking a puppy home. 

Keep things away from their access. Sharp objects, poisonous house plants, chargers, remotes, and cables – all of these will come in this category so make sure you keep them far from your pet’s reach.

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