How to iron the clothes professionally by OfferMaids cleaning services in Qatar

We all have clothes that require ironing and it is important to keep them looking good. Especially office dress that requires a proper iron as there may be meetings with clients, presentations, etc where you should look your best to create a good impression in front of the client. Not only the office but also your clothes should look great whenever you are at any functions. There are a lot of chances where mistakes arise when we iron the clothes like you may not know what temperature is required for the particular fabric and this may lead to damaging the clothes. The leading cleaning services in Qatar OfferMaids provides the laundry and ironing service where you can book the service and get an amazing result.

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Listed below are the tips to iron the clothes professionally:

Choose bedroom for ironing:

It is always a good practice to iron the clothes in the bedroom rather than choosing the washing or laundry room. While ironing the clothes the room should have ample space so that you can sort the clothes efficiently without the clothes getting mixed up. As the room is spacious you feel comfortable while ironing the clothes. Apart from that it becomes easier to hang the clothes in the closet if you are already in that room. If you are on a busy schedule and looking for the best cleaning services in Qatar for laundry and ironing then you can book the service form OfferMaids .

Keep the ironing board straight:

A simple and yet the most important thing to note while ironing the clothes is to keep the ironing board straight. Even if a small bump in the board may result in creases in the clothes and thus makes your work double. So double check everything while ironing the clothes. 

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Set the apt temperature:

It is not always the same temperature for all kinds of clothes. There are some clothes like silk, nylon, polyester that require a low temperature. In order to use the apt temperature it is better to sort out and group the clothes based on the fabric so that you can know what temperature to set for a particular clothes and that will help from the clothes getting damaged. Another thing you can use is to place a pressing cloth. Choose the perfect laundry and ironing service with OfferMaids the best cleaning services in Qatar.

Use aluminum foil to speed up:

An effective tip that will help you fasten the ironing process and save time. For doing this you need to place the aluminum foil under the cover of the ironing board. By doing this the heat will reflect on both sides so you can get both the sides ironed at the same time.

Keep the clothes damp:

Clothing that is damp is actually easier to iron than clothing that is fully dry. It is either a good idea to pull them out of the dryer a little too early or use a spray bottle to give them a nice coat. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your clothes are wrinkle-free and stay that way for a long time to come. Even better, you can iron them right out of the washer instead of using a dryer, saving you time and money. 

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Check irons base plate:

Do not forget to check the base plate of the ironing board. Checking the ironing board before doing iron may help you from the clothes being damaged. Because there might be stains in the base plate of iron so if you perform ironing with that it may actually make your clothes dirty. So the best idea is to iron them on a rug or unwanted clothes so as to protect the clothes.

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