Kitchen cleaning hack by OfferMaids Qatar – Homemade drain cleaners

The kitchen is the heart of the house and a place that needs to be cleaned and well-maintained. Our health depends upon a clean and hygienic kitchen. The most important thing is when the guests arrive. You feel embarrassed when they arrive unexpectedly and your kitchen is not clean and mainly the bad odour from the drains. The best way the guest can judge is from the kitchen and bathroom. If you are looking for a professional cleaner to clean the kitchen then you can book the kitchen cleaning service in Qatar from OfferMaids the leading cleaning company in Qatar. OfferMaids provides various cleaning services in Qatar like house cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, pet care, party helper, laundry and ironing services at an affordable rate.

Kitchen cleaning

Listed below are some kitchen cleaning hacks to clean the clogged drain that you can follow:

Hot water and dish wash liquid:

This method is great to remove the grease clog. For that you need to boil a liter of water and add some dishwasher liquid. Now tak the mixture and pour it down the sink. This will make the grease heat and make it flow from the pipe.  

Vinegar and baking soda:

First you need to clean the sink and put in one and a half cup of baking soda and also one and a half cup of vinegar. Let the mixture sit for an hour after plugging the drain. After an hour unclog the drains and pour hot  boiling water. Pour the water until the clog is clear.

Baking soda and salt:

Mix salt and baking soda about half of a cup each and let it sit overnight. After that you need to pour the boiling hot water in the drain to get the unclogged drain.

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Wire coat hanger method:

For this technique you need to have a hanger. First you need to straighten the hanger and leave the hook as it is. Next use the hanger hook to pull up the food or any other things like hairs from the sink. After removing the full blocking substance from the sink you can pour the hot boiling water down the sink to make it clear. In this way you can remove the clogged drain and eliminate the odor.

Vinegar, salt and borax:

Mix one fourth cup of salt and borax and half a cup of vinegar in the sink and let it sit for sometime and after that pour the hot boiling water over the drain to get the unclogged drain.This are some easy techniques to clear the clogged drain.


This method is mainly for the kitchen sink inorder to remove the clogged food items in the sink. It becomes hard to remove all the rugs and food waste from the hook alone and difficult to get the unclogged drain at that point you can use the plunger. For that you need to fill half of the sink with water and with the help of the plunger plunge away the clogged substance to get the clear drain.

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